Cargill Inc.

It’s a Colossus.
Spanning 67 countries and 6 continents. A fifth of America’s meat comes from Cargill. It’s got a weight of history too - it’s been family owned and run since 1865. “We feed the world….” said one of its employees in our survey. If you were being understated, you’d say they manufactured food


Its leader, Greg Page, is able to provide a sense of purpose to employees and keep employees informed about how and why Cargill does what it does.

So, what’s the guy in charge like?

For a man in charge of one of the largest privately owned companies in the world; a man who’s overseen five years of company health so good it can only be described as rude, Greg Page is composed and thoughtful and he thinks of himself as the company’s biggest servant, rather than it’s king. “He’s just like one of us,” stated one employee. Find out more about ‘Servant Leadership’ here:

Strong Values

“When they speak, they always have real and current examples of the current events at Cargill, so we can see that they are engaged and well connected to the business.”- Cargill employee on managers

One of the strongest scoring areas for Cargill on our survey relates to their values. As one employee says “Cargill's emphasizes the importance of conducting business ethically and holding strong value for trust at all levels and consistently in every area I have worked.” On our survey in 2011, 98% of responders felt that Cargill operated with strong values and ethics – a remarkable score for a company this size.

This is a company that relishes its activities and cares for its people and its balance sheet reflects that.