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About ALS Group USA

ALS is a global diversified testing services organization with a presence on every continent, offering a broad range of services to leading global companies. An enviable reputation for delivering a quality service which includes accurate and timely data, expert support, and a culture of safety and innovation maintains ALS leadership position. Our services specifically support Mining and Mineral exploration, Commodity Certification, Environmental monitoring, Equipment maintenance, Food and Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, and Industrial Operations.

ALS operates internationally in six distinct areas: Coal, Environmental, Food and Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Minerals and Tribology.

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What employees say

“I love my job because I enjoy learning every aspect of accounting and collections in order to excel at my job duties and succeed.”
“The company is dynamic, financially strong and employee-focused”
“ALS is a good company to work for. They care and treat their employees with respect. I enjoy the friendly environment.”
“Empowers me to make decisions and supports me.”
“They are interested in keeping us up to date with the technical changes that are happening around us.”
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