About LJB Inc

In 1966, LJB began as an engineering company fueled by integrity, quality and service. Today you'll meet a new generation of high achievers, creative thinkers, and great communicators who focus on the firm's core purpose: to improve the quality of life. This isn't a trite phrase that was birthed in a boardroom—it is the definition of why LJB employees come to work each day. From its headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, LJB delivers innovative facility, infrastructure and safety solutions. Our skilled staff provides services in engineering, environmental sciences, planning and surveying.

Key engineering disciplines include civil, environmental, safety and structural engineering. Our goal in the delivery of these services is to provide our clients with leadership and creativity, which is continuously reinforced and developed in our staff.

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What employees say

“I feel like I can make a difference by helping make things easier for our staff and their families.”
“I feel appreciated in my position. I feel like LJB has stood behind me as much as I have stood behind them. Also, the flexibility to my family is very important.”
“Mark is dedicated, motivated and sincere in striving to improve LJB. That is evident in nearly all of his actions. He "walks the talk."”
“They are always willing to talk to me about whatever is on my mind, work-related or personal.”
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