About Machine Specialties Inc

Machine Specialties, Inc is a leading contract machining and metal finishing specialist that designs and manufactures sophisticated, cost-effective solutions to meet our clients' most demanding challenges. We manufacture parts for many different industries including the aerospace, military & medical industry.

What employees say

“I am given the freedom to explore things that I think will help the company. My opinions matter. ”
“MSI allows me to use my talents to the best of my ability in a great working environment”
“I am challenged on a daily basis and I feel my job makes a difference in the company.”
“Great facility, great machines, great customers, important and meaningful work, great future, great people.....It's a great company. ”
“Working with good people, great customers, and working in a specialized field.”
“We are diversifying, putting ourselves in a position where if a certain sector or industry were to go stagnant, we have other options to keep us stable. ”
“Constant encouragement and the satisfaction of seeing parts going out the door.”
“Finds the right work that makes MSI successful.”
Where to find Machine Specialties Inc